Trusting Your Guests Well Enough to Serve Them Liquor? Risky but it’s Your Wedding Day

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Who doesn’t love a wedding, or at least what goes on in a wedding event? This is often a rare occasion, but you can also choose to relive this memory by celebrating your wedding anniversary, invite your friends and family and experience a slight thrill as your first wedding. Weddings create good memories as they also provide an opportunity for people to mingle and foster new relationships. Usually, it’s almost a guarantee that heads will turn when champagne pops. Perhaps it’s the sound that triggers guests to turn or simply the overwhelming passion drinkers exhibits.

Serving drinks in a wedding is very common, but not every drink goes in other cases. Most popular refreshment in a venue of marriage is a cocktail with liquor and other alcoholic beverages being served at discretion. Usually, a constant supply of drinks excites guests, and they can extend their stay until they’ve had enough to drink. Although the idea of serving liquor at such an event raises eyebrows, it’s hard to ignore how lively a place becomes with guests enjoying their drinking sessions while dancing their hearts out.

However, there are few options you can decide on when thinking of adding liquor to your refreshment list.

Alcohol Free Wedding
Whether it’s because of religious reasons or financial obligations, some couples adamantly refuse to serve alcoholic beverage drinks at their wedding. Well, this idea may not resonate with everyone at the venue, so don’t be surprised you see some guests in a very sombre mood similar to those witnessed during funerals. However, couples have all the right not to serve liquor beverages as they are the ones at stake in case anything happens. They may opt to serve various soft drinks, tea, coffee and also lemonade. This is a good alternative to keep guest refreshed. Just to be safe from that friend who is into hard drinking, it’s proper to let them know in advance that there won’t be any wine and spirits served at the venue. Alternatively, you’ll find some attendees with their own wine store ready. If you happen to see this, just relax and let them enjoy in moderation.

Cash Bar
This option allows couples to have alcoholic beverages at their weddings, but the guests pay for the drinks. However, the cost of having the bartender or waiter is on you. Unlike in dry wedding, this is a great option that reduces consumption level of alcoholic drinks but also satisfies the few guest who’d want to have a beer or two. Again, it’s wise to let your guest know this option exists and what is expected of them, so they don’t end up drinking and forward you the bill.

Limited Service
If your a looking to have one of the most flexible bar options, limited service is your option. Here, you can choose the type of drink to offer to the general guests, and have the bar serve a different drink. For instance, you can have champagne for toasts, and issue your guests with drink tickets that they can redeem a drink of their choice from the bar. If a guest wants to have more, then, they’ll have to pay for it themselves.

With these few options, you are bound to earn the “wedding of the year” title, with few souls disappointed of course, if you’ll opt for a dry wedding. Whether you choose to have a limited service bar, open bar or self-service bar, just make sure your guest imbibe with caution. In addition, if you opt for an open bar reception, 20% to 25% of the average catering bill will be directed to alcohol. To encourage responsible drinking, serve your guests with plenty of soft drinks and water is no exception here. Finally, liquor for wedding shouldn’t be the same as a night club, when it’s all exhausted, guide your guests back home. But don’t forget to thank them for their unwavering love and support in your newly forge affair.

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