Looking for a New Career? Check out a Coffee Van Franchise

Mobile coffee franchise

What’s one of the first things you do when you roll out of bed in the morning? Or the first thing that pops into your head when you’re feeling a bit too drowsy and have a whole list of things to do in the day ahead of you? Coffee. Good, strong, aromatic coffee, that has the potential to perk you up just by catching a whiff of it.
While the two most frequently enjoyed types of coffee are arabica and robusta, the coffee consumers of the world indulge in many different kinds, whether it’s from a fast food restaurant, local cafe, well-established coffee store brand, or a coffee van franchise. It is estimated that around 14 billion espresso coffees are devoured each and every year around the globe. Australian research company IBIS claims that the coffee industry in Australia alone consists of over 84,800 employees and is worth around $5 billion in revenue. Business Insider expands on those numbers, stating that the worth of the global coffee industry is somewhere around $100 billion dollars.

Getting a piece of the pie… or the coffee plant

With coffee shops growing at a yearly rate of 7% worldwide, it might not be a bad idea to get in on one of the quickest growing global industries. And if you think a coffee van franchise is something you’d be interested in, Australia would be the place to do it. The large island nation is said to be the most franchised country per head of population on the planet. Coffee franchise opportunities would give you the new start you’re looking for, with a very high chance of success. And to help you get started, the Australian Tax Office even offers a checklist to go through for those starting up a new business. Think of all the traffic coffee vans encounter, not on the road, but by way of customers looking for that quick and convenient brew they can’t do without.

Perks of being part of a coffee van franchise
How many people would love to get out of the office and drive, or set up where they can enjoy a nice breeze and a view? Coffee van franchises offer a solid alternative to the daily grind, while still allowing you to make the money you need, just with a bit more freedom. And it doesn’t necessarily take a history of experience either! Fresh from ditching the desk, you can learn how to manage your own business, and have the fuel at your fingertips as you brew it. Doesn’t the sound of a job on wheels appeal to your free spirit, even just a little?

Fresh, hot coffee instead of the weak pots your office offers. Wind and sunshine instead of fluorescent lighting. Wheels instead of a rigid chair. What are you waiting for?

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