Starting Your Own Business? The Best Food Franchise Opportunities

Mobile coffee shop

Starting your own restaurant can be a jarring endeavor, one that might leave you feeling unsettled about your financial future. However, of all of the best food franchise opportunities, there is one industry that only seems to keep growing. The coffee franchise continues to expand, currently estimated at a net worth of 100 billion dollars. Coffee shops are also booming, growing at around 7 percent annually, one of the most rapidly expanding franchises. With estimates of over 500 billion cups of coffee being consumed per year, the coffee industry is a clear contender for one of the best food franchise opportunities to get into.

Of course, coffee is not a food, it’s merely a beverage. Yet, people often enjoy their coffee with food, any time of day. Thus, building a food franchise around the concept of coffee is one of the best ways to ensure you create a successful business. If you’re interested in entering the coffee industry, here are a few tips to get you started:

Think Outside the Box

If you’re not ready to commit to one location, try going mobile with your dreams. Food trucks offer some of the best food franchise opportunities out there, so offering coffee and food (think sandwiches or pastries) can make for a relatively simple food truck creation. The plus about mobility? Your coffee van can hit up heavily populated areas, like parks and college campuses.

Mobile Cafe Stands
If a food truck seems like too much of a commitment, you can start off with an espresso mobile cafe carts. You’ll need a place to brew the coffee and bake/cook any food you might offer, but strategically placed stands are easy to move, and are less hassle than a full blown food truck.

Offer Delivery
Whether you go with a brick-and=mortar storefront, mobile stand, or food truck, offering deliveries to large businesses can boost your sales, and increase your revenue. Delivering coffee and pastries as a catering service also allows your to market your business to people who may have never heard of your business before.

Location Specific Cafes
If you decide to open a storefront coffee shop that sells food, ensure your cafe isn’t just a repeat of a nearby restaurant. Offering a variety that is in demand in your location is a tip that will help you stand out from other restaurants. Understanding your customers and adjusting your menu based on their wants can help ensure you stay in business for years to come.

Coffee shops are one of the best food franchise opportunities available today
. Starting your own business can certainly be risky, but knowing that the coffee market only continues to grow throws an optimistic outlook on this particular venture.

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