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Types of edible flowers

When you are in the midst of planning your wedding, it can seem like there a million trends that you need to be familiar with. From what colors are popular this season, to whether or not it is totally out of style to still have a traditional wedding cake, there is a lot to take in. There is a growing microgreens trend that is quickly making its list on to the things that every hip couple needs to be aware of. This growing microgreens trend encompasses edible flowers, including edible flowers for cake decorating. If you want to make sure that your wedding dessert is not only delicious, but firmly in fashion, keep reading for five tips about microgreens.
1) You Have Options If you are planning to use varieties of edible flowers to make your dessert wow, have no fears about your number of options. There are over 100 types of flowers that are not only edible, but actually delicious. If your caterer is not already familiar with what flowers are edible, you can help them make the connection to a grower to pick the right varieties.
2) Start Trending In today’s world, it is almost a requirement for young people to photograph their food before they eat it. If you have a wedding dessert featuring edible flowers, don’t be surprised if you find your cake featured on the Flickr group “I Ate This.” That group has more than 19,000 members who have posted over 300,000 photos. Consider it an honor if a picture from your big day makes the cut!
3) Keep It Colorful If you are looking for the perfect color balance to appeal to your guests, keep this rule in mind: When it comes to presentation, kids think more is more and go for things that feature six different colors. The adults in your crowd will prefer something a little simpler and will be most attracted to foods with three different colors. Keep this in mind when designing your dream dessert.
4) Stand Out If you want your wedding day to be unique, edible flowers are a great choice. Capitalizing on the growing microgreens trend means you won’t have the same icing or sugar flowers that all of your friends have. People will be talking about the edible orchids on your cupcakes for years to come.
5) Thing Big The microgreens trend extends past just edible flowers. Use your wedding as a way to display these edibles in all of their different uses.
Most brides and grooms are looking for things that will set their days apart from the typical wedding. By incorporating microgreens and edible flowers, you can be sure that your wedding will be not only beautiful, but also delicious!

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