Make Yourself A Healthy and tasty Snack With Chips and Salsa

What is salsa

Almost everyone loves chips and dip as a classic snack to bring with your for lunch or to have before dinner. The downside to chips and dip as a snack is that the dip can often times be unhealthy. A great answer to this issue is to put a Mexican twist on your snacking. You can do this by substitution tortilla chips and salsa for your old chips and dip.

Salsa nutrition is much better than that of chips and dip. Salsa nutrition saves you calories and fat. This helps you maintain a great figure while snacking on tortilla chips and pico de gallo salsa dips in moderation. Many of you might be wondering how fresh salsa calories can be so low. This is because of the ingredients in classic mild salsa dip. Mostly, salsa nutrition consists of tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and spices. This cuts the calories that a dairy based dip might have. This means that salsa nutrition is great for you. You only have to make sure to eat the tortilla chips in moderation. Furthermore, there are plenty of recipes using salsa that still get the best out of that great salsa nutrition. These include being used in burritos and tacos, as well as other Mexican favorites. You can even try salsa on your eggs or other proteins to add some kick. One of many people’s favorites is a layered dip using salsa and other fresh Mexican ingredients. Try substituting salsa for your next snack and get the most out of the salsa nutrition. Maybe you will end up being a tortilla chips and salsa convert. See this reference for more:

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