4 Tips for Creating a Chic and Modern Candy Buffet for Your Special Day

Candy is a timeless and a perfect addition treat for wedding receptions. Let know one tells you that this is out of style it’s actually a fun and simple idea to express your own style and impress guests at your wedding. Most people love candy bars and they are great for completing a perfect buffet for your special day. When choosing the types of candies to include your wedding buffet, there are a few things you need to consider —first, make sure there’s candy for all and understand that there might be guests who are allergic to certain types of candies.

Wedding candy bars also doubles as a decorative element for creating a chic and elegant display and sprucing up any particular theme. Here are four tips for creating a fun chic and modern candy buffet for your wedding.

Stick to Your Theme

To bring out a cohesive look that harmonizes with the rest of your wedding decorations, opt for candies and stunning jar containers that blend in with the color scheme. Use more color tones for a chic look or settle a two-color wedding theme depending on your style. Ideally, you’ll be choosing candies that match the color scheme you want to project.

Luxury Wedding Candy Bars

Creating a modern and stylish candy buffet requires nothing less than upscale sweets with fruits, cupcakes, and more personalized candies like chocolate covered almonds and specialty truffles. For proper display, serve the candies in a stunning tray and let the guests experience the full impact. Use containers for unwrapped and loose candies. Luxury wedding candy bars bring out an elegant look and make your guests feel appreciated.

Fun Table Setting

Creating elegant table settings for your wedding reception will go a long way to even make the candies feel more special. Add florals to your place setting and harmonize the arrangement with linens and candles to make the buffet stand out. Don’t overdo the table setting with fancy arrangements, keep it moderate. Consider unique accents such as floral wedding centerpieces for a perfect table setting.

Vintage Wedding Candy Bars

Though most people go for colorful candies with a bright palette, vintage candy bars with different colors can breathe in nostalgic feel to your candy buffet. Instead of using only glass containers and candy jar to serve and display your treats, why not try mixing vintage wooden boxes and rustic basket trays for old-fashioned bulk candies. For more dramatic appeal, arrange the candies at different heights above table centerpiece and use signage that coordinates with the rest of the decor.

In most wedding receptions today you wouldn’t miss an elegant arrangement of wedding candy bars. They’re increasingly becoming a popular wedding treat and decoration item for buffets. Candy bars are so sweet and evoke nostalgic memories of your childhood —This is what it should do to your guests. There are many different types of sweet treats you can choose and you can offer them as part of your wedding candy bar. Choose containers that go well with the theme and style of your special day.

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