Benefits of Including a Juice Bar in Your Restaurant

If you are thinking of opening a restaurant or bar it is important that you are aware of the current trends of the industry. Understanding what’s popular in the food and bar industry amongst customers and other owners will greatly increase your likelihood of success. Of course, if you are planning to open a new place you want to be unique, however there are some tried and true tools and methods that are industry standard. Even if you plan to differentiate yourself, you would do better to be above the norm than below it.

Currently trending on the customer side of the dining industry is clean, healthy eating. Whether you wish to cater solely to vegans or vegetarians or simply offer healthier, less process food choices, there is a market for that. Either way, if you plan to offer beverages, offering fresh fruit juice is an amazing way to cater to that demographic of consumers.

Including a juice bar in your dining establishment means being able to offer fresh juice with your menu options and as carryout options for those on the go. The juice bar industry has become a near $9 billion dollar industry globally. There are many ways to include fresh juices in your food business. As a feature of your restaurant, you can boast the benefits of juicing fresh fruits and vegetables to accompany meals.

If you plan to include a juice bar in your establishment it is important to prepare for this appropriately with a commercial juice extractor. This will allow you to deal with the demand of offering juice on a larger scale. A mistake many first-time restaurant owners make is not investing in the proper commercial juicer or not purchasing an NSF certified juicer.

For example, if you plan to cater to the vegan and vegetarian crowd, you may want to consider offering wheatgrass juice. If you do want to offer wheatgrass as a part of you healthy juice options. the purchase of a commercial wheatgrass juicer is imperative. Juicing wheatgrass requires a specific commercial juice extractor. This is not a decision that can be made on the fly.

Another area where having commercial juice machines in your establishment is that it allows you to offer craft cocktails. Craft cocktails bars are very popular and many entrepreneurs are cashing in on the trend with their restaurant. The ability to offer healthy, top quality food and drinks will make your business very competitive.

A huge part of the craft cocktail movement is to get away from the pre-mixed, artificially dyed, overly sweetened mixes of the 80s and 90s. Craft cocktails focus on using fresh juices, top quality liquors, and bold ingredients. Specifically, the juice that goes into these cocktails is very important. Therefore having the proper commercial juice extractor is vital.

Including a juice bar in your dining business can generate income from many avenues. Just be sure to think before jumping. Having a high quality juicer machine means less headache and greater opportunities to make money.

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