Electric Meat Tenderizer An Asset Worth Investment

The food industry has boomed in recent years. There are many recipes, and meat has become one of the key ingredients. The rate of meat consumption in the United States has incredibly increased. According to a 2018 projection report from Rabobank, a research and advisory firm, meat consumption will get to over 200 pounds a year per capita.

A meat tenderizer machine is one of the commercial restaurant equipment that will become prominent as demand for meat goes up. Let’s take a look at how important and useful this tool is.

A meat tenderizer machine is one of the critical tools for a home cook or a professional chef. Even though many recipes call for tender and succulent meat, there are limited choices when it comes to the methods of preparation. Tough meat, mostly beef, have to be cooked for a long time at low temperatures to achieve the goal. Unfortunately, this requires much time and energy. This lifestyle can never do in today’s highly advanced world. Hotels and restaurants require tools that can do the job fast and efficiently. Other critical tools include electric meat cutter and electric meat grinder.

Benefits of Meat Tenderizer

Electric meat tenderizers reduce the time needed in tenderizing by forty percent. They are so effective that they even break down the toughest meat fibers. You can also tenderize chickens to make them tastier. Everything ranging from pork to fish can get done in a tenderizer.

A meat tenderizer also improves the taste of meat. The flavor is easily absorbed into the meat since it breaks down meat fibers. They cling better, making your marinades and rubs stick better to the meat. You won’t have to wait for long because the flavor quickly seeps into the meat thus reducing food preparation time.

Manual Meat Tenderizers

You can also use manual tenderizers. They are cheaper than electric and are operated by cranks. You have to mount and secure them with two clamps. Unlike electric meat tenderizers, they take in small batches of meat, and thus calls for more time in the kitchen. To get the best out of a manual meat tenderizer, you have to choose the one that performs best. Go for the one with many blades— at least 48. It gets your job done without much effort. Fifteen blades can get through tough cuts of meat, but it’s most suitable for simpler tasks.

For a heavy-duty task, you need a heavy-duty meat tenderizer to get your job done faster. A meat tenderizer machine with twenty-four blades is a suitable alternative since it can handle basic and tough tasks. It’s an excellent choice for beginners.

Storage and Maintenance

Meat tenderizer machines have plastics and stainless steel blades. These materials are highly durable and free from rust. They can run for years without any maintenance. They are very compact and can be stored in a cabinet or drawer.

Shop Online for the Best Deal

You can find these meat tenderizers in most kitchen appliances shops. For faster and smarter shopping, you should consider online shopping. With many websites offering these tenderizers, you are sure of great bargains. You will also have a wide range to choose from. Nothing beats online option when it comes to an electronic meat tenderizer.

Owning an electric meat tenderizer can enhance the way you cook. It’s an excellent alternative for high-grade cuts of meat that can cost you a lot. But who is ready to spend huge bills on a meal? Life is expensive, and times very tough. You will be amazed by how meat tenderizers machines improve the quality of meat. They can make the lowest grade of meat taste like five-star restaurant quality. Cheap meat is not bad meat. A tenderizer can help you turn it into something else altogether.

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