How to Buy a Used Reefer Trailer

First of all, congratulations on your choice to buy a reefer trailer. Reefer trailers are super useful and efficient, and if you buy them used you’re bound to get bang for the buck. That’s why over 500,000 reefers and counting are operating in the United States. There are, however, a few things you might want to know before looking for a reefer trailer for sale

In this piece, you’ll know what to look for when in the market for a used reefer trailer, so that you can get the most out of your hard-earned cash and choose a used reefer trailer that will not disappoint.

Old is Gold? Or New is King?

Most people are pretty torn between buying a new reefer or scouting the listings for an old reefer trailer for sale instead. While the new one could cost you a lot, it is certain to live up to your expectations. The old one won’t dent your bank account, but it might not work just as well as a new one or might have a few complications.

What’s more, there are these re-new reefers which are just slightly used and look and feel brand new. Should you go for the re-new reefers or spend extra on a new reefer trailer?

As a rule of thumb, unless you really want a shiny new reefer trailer for sale, you should always go for the used one since they are cheaper and will do the job with a few repairs and touch-ups. When it comes to renews versus new trucks, again go for the re-news since they are almost the same as new reefers without the hefty price tag.

Age Matters More in Reefers than Dry Vans

It makes sense to take advice from your uncle Joe, after all, he has driven trucks for over 20 years, right? Wrong, reefer trailers age way differently than dry vans, and not in a good way. Reefer trailers also have way more electronic and computerized components that require periodic maintenance to function properly.

So when you are checking on the doors and crossings, remember to inspect the refer unit thoroughly and check for damaged panels. Remember your reefer trailer serves a more functional purpose than just hauling goods.

For Reefers, it’s All About the Hours

Imagine you had to choose between a 6-year reefer trailer with about 12,000 hours on the reefer unit or a 2-year reefer with 20,000 hour operation on the reefer unit, which one would it be?

If you chose the 6-year old reefer trailer, you couldn’t be wide off the mark. When it comes to reefer trailers, as you’ve probably read on the header, it’s all about the hours. If you see a reefer trailer on sale, the first question you should ask is how many hours has the reefer unit run?

Of course, more hours mean more usage, and overused isn’t exactly reliable. For an old reefer you’re looking at between 10,000 to 20,000 hours of operations. These reefer units are old but will get you through a couple of years. Anything about 30,000 isn’t recommended because they are prone to breakages and faults. Remember, however, that fewer hours doesn’t always equal better quality. In fact, more hours could suggest a durable, efficient, and heavy-duty unit that will serve you well.

Some people buy new reefers with slightly used boxes (reefer units) slashing about $15,000 on the reefer price. You’d still get the same reefer warranty you get when you buy a new reefer trailer and the 7 years of CARB compliance.

Are All the Extra Bells and Whistles Worth It

The short answer is yes. These extra optional features are worth the money because they will save you money in the long run. Unlike the comfort or entertainment extras you’ll find in other trucks, reefer trailer extras serve a utility function and will help you save on fuel marginally.

Don’t rush to the bank immediately you see a ‘reefer trailer for sale’ sign. First, make sure the truck meets your specifications and preferences so that you get value for your money.

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