The Tasteful World Of Microgreens and Edible Flowers

Microgreens and edible flowers, like a crystallized rose, have been used as accents for food for the past 20 to 30 years. But what is a microgreen? Think of them as miniature edible plants made from young vegetables, herbs and various plants. Their sizes are typically between 1 to 1.5 inches, that size includes the stems and leaves. Just a sprinkle of a microgreen can make your meal pop with flavor and color. This goes for edible plants as well, like a crystallized rose, with near 100 different commonly found garden flowers that can be eaten and have a pleasant enough taste to do so.

Microgreens also find their niche within the fine dining restaurants. You will find far more fine dining restaurants utilizing microgreens than you will, say, a fast food joint. You might spend a few dollars at a fast food restaurant, while on the other hand, you will be spending an average $28.55 for some great fine dining, in the United States that is.

While some microgreens can be grown by yourself, should you? Short answer: no. It is best to leave that to professional. Reason being, it is quite difficult to maintain microgreens ate a healthy and edible level with all the moving parts associated with growing microgreens. In fact, microgreens even have their own scale between one and five. Poor quality is considered a “one,” while excellent quality is considered a “five.” In order to sell microgreens, it needs to be three and above, anything less and you, well quite frankly, you have a poor product that no one, not even yourself, will want to indulge in. Microgreens are very sensitive plants. Take basil for example, will turn black or brown exposed to 32 degrees and below even for a short period of time. Basil or no, microgreens as a whole, when stored, should experience nothing colder than 38 to 40 degrees, the Goldilocks zone being around 39.2 degrees, or in other words, 4 degrees Celsius. Instead, it is better to find the nearest quality store for your microgreen needs. You are always guaranteed a quality product because of its regulation, without the worry of wasting your energy on something that will ultimately taste bad.

Another tasteful treat are edible flowers, like a crystallized rose. These morsels can be baked or dipped in sugar or placed on cakes. Like microgreens, they offer great flavor and texture with a splash of bright colors!

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