4 Healthy Meal Tips for the Busy Family


The winter months seem to be longer, colder, and busier. Despite ice covered snow and reduced temperatures, families are busier than ever. School is in full swing and kids have to be driven here and there, picked up from multiple locations at multiple times. Work schedules also seem to get busier during the winter months, as people swing back into gear after vacation season. Planning and preparing meals for your family can be difficult during this extremely busy season. With these tips, however, you will be able to quickly put food on the table in between those busy schedules.

Make one large grocery shopping trip per month
Grocery shopping can take up a lot of time. When you put off grocery shopping, you are forced to eat fast food and carry out and this can get expensive and unhealthy over time. Try to schedule only one large grocery shopping trip per month. This trip should include items that cannot go bad, including cereals, snacks, and meats that you can freeze. You might still have to go once per week for fresh fruits and vegetables, but you won?t have to make it a whole shopping trip.

Stock up on meats
If you followed the previous tip, then you already have pantry items stocked up. The only thing left is your meats. Most meals include some type of a meat. Instead of running to the store every time you need fresh meat, consider purchasing from an online meat market. Online meat markets sell bulk meat packages and allow you to buy meat in bulk. Freeze the items you want to save for later and you can significantly reduce your grocery shopping trips. When you find that you are running low on bulk meat online, simply place another order.

Utilize delivery services
Grocery delivery services are perfect for the busy family. Even with shopping and delivery costs, families can take advantage of the cost savings. If you are so busy that you have to skip grocery shopping, you are left paying for restaurant foods. Instead, if you schedule grocery delivery services, you can have fresh, low cost food within minutes. You also have more control over the meats that you eat when you use a home delivery service.

Healthy food is important and can play an important role in supplying the energy that your family needs. Grass fed beef, for example, has high protein and low fat levels, which means it will require about 30% less cooking time and will continue to cook when removed from heat. It is not always easy to come across grass fed beef in a local grocery store. Higher quality meats and grass fed beef products are available in online meat markets and sometimes, in local meat markets.

Learn the art of slow cooking
Slow cookers were designed with the busy family in mind. You can throw the meat in the slow cooker and then go about your day. When you return home in the evening, the food is cooked and ready to eat. High quality meats, like grass fed beef products, taste delicious in slow cookers. Also, when you buy meat online, you will always have a supply of fresh meat to throw in the slow cooker at a moment?s notice. According to Neilsen?s, the Digitally Engaged Food Shopper report, more than 70% of American households will engage in online food shopping within the next 10 years. Online meat markets paired with slow cookers is the perfect solution for the busy family.

The winter and school months can be extremely busy for many families. A lot of families may even find it difficult to share a healthy meal together. Fortunately, with online meat markets, the ability to purchase in bulk, and slow cookers, families can have a healthy and tasty meal ready for them after a long and busy day.

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