Five Things Every Coffee Shop Needs


Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the United States. One study finds that 50% of the American population regularly drinks some form of coffee. Owning your own coffee shop can be a very profitable venture for the right person. You will want to give your shop every chance to succeed by having the right inventory. In this post, you will learn five items every coffee shop needs.

  • A Wide Selection of Cups

    The average coffee cup is made to hold nine ounces of liquid. It’s best to have many cup options for your guests. Customers often order a wide range of beverage sizes. Having only one cup size available limits customers. You will want to have plenty of paper hot cups with lids. These cups ensure guests have a covered beverage if they are in a hurry. Implementing paper hot cups with lids helps to reduce spills within your coffee shop.
  • Inclusion of a Food Menu

    Many customers at a coffee shop are there to have a bite to eat. Having a great selection of coffee is a wise idea. However, you want to ensure that you are able to provide guests with food items. You will often find that pastries pair especially well with coffee. It’s wise to include at least a few special food items for guests to enjoy. You might find that hiring a chef for your coffee shop is a great decision. Hungry guests will love being able to have a snack while they enjoy a delicious coffee.
  • Excellent Coffee Making Equipment

    The type of equipment you choose is especially important for your coffee shop. It’s best to have a wide range of equipment in order to accommodate all customers. You may find that guests want their coffee beverages made a certain way. Having the right equipment helps to ensure no customers special request catches staff off guard. One study finds that the retail value of the coffee market in the United States is estimated to be near $48 billion dollars. Finding room in your budget for coffee making equipment is likely to provide a very nice return on investment.
  • Comfortable Seating

    A coffee shop is a great place to relax and unwind. You’ll want customers to have many seating options when visiting your shop. It’s wise to include different types of chairs for guests to use. A large couch can accommodate a group of friends. People that come to your shop by themselves will prefer having single seating options. You will want to choose furniture that pairs well with the theme of your coffee shop. Leather couches are especially popular in many coffee shops. Choosing furniture that matches your shop will help an extra sense of visual appeal. Don’t forget about ordering paper hot cups with lids to prevent spills on your new furniture.
  • Wireless Internet

    One recent innovation that every coffee shop needs is to have wireless internet. Many consumers have grown accustomed to having free internet at a range of locations. There are many business wireless internet packages that are affordable for any coffee business. Having wireless internet may help ensure you receive an influx of guests to your location. Wireless internet is something that the working crowd will love to have during a busy lunch break. One of the most common places for an afternoon work meeting is the local coffee shop. Having wireless internet at your shop helps to bring in a lot of consumers needing to finish a work project.

In closing, there are several important items every coffee shop needs. You will want to make sure guests have a wide range of cups to use. Paper hot cups with lids are especially popular for on the go customers. Many coffee shops include a food menu for guests to enjoy. You will want to have the right equipment for making the perfect cup of coffee. Having a wide range of seating ensures guests enjoy a comfortable stay. Including wireless internet at your coffee shops helps guests to stay connected. Following these tips will help to ensure you have a very successful coffee shop.

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