Selling Indulgent Desserts? You Cannot Go Wrong with Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt

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When it comes to food, people all over the world have their own distinct tastes and preferences which sometimes appear similar, and sometimes as different as possible. In America, there is a melange of different food cultures that combine to form a cuisine that is essentially American, borrowing from different culinary traditions to synthesize and create food that endures the test of time. If you are someone with refined culinary tastes and an advanced palate, it is likely that you already have your own opinions about different kinds of cuisine and their relative merits. There is one area, however, where the American people have seemed to reach a consensus of sorts, and that is the decadent world of desserts. If you are related to the food industry in any capacity that involved sourcing the right desserts, whether for sale at high-end establishments or supermarkets and grocery stores, the one area where staple choices are the safest and most popular options is desserts. There are two things that you simply cannot go wrong with — ice cream and frozen yogurt.

No matter what your take is on these desserts, there is no mistaking the popularity of ice cream and frozen yogurt. These two staple desserts rule the roost in America, and by a substantial margin if you compare it with other popular desserts. To fully establish this fact, let us take a look at some statistical data. Statistics indicate that over any given two-week period, approximately 40% of the American population are likely to consume ice cream in some form or the other. Studies also show that the average American consumer will consume ice cream more than 28 times every calendar year. The ice cream industry is a huge industry in the country, requiring almost 10% of all the milk produced by American dairy farms to drive its requirements. The story is similar with frozen yogurt, with more than 2,500 documented stores selling this treat at the end of 2013. The number, if anything, has steadily increased over the years and now there are major stores stocking these products.

The reason why these desserts have reached this level of popularity is the taste, flavor and the sheer fun experience that they bring to the table. No wonder that data show that about 90% of all households in America indulge regularly in a frozen dessert, such as an ice cream or a frozen yogurt. About 1.5 billion gallons of them are manufactured on a yearly basis. While the popularity of ice creams is something that deserves no explanation, the boom in the sales of alternative desserts like frozen yogurt and gelato have come due to the fact that people love ice cream so much, and want to partake in the experience while remaining healthy. Due to the lower fat content of these desserts, they have now come into a world of their own, satisfying hungry customers across the country. With more and more people opting for a healthier lifestyle, these treats are viable and delicious snacks that can be easy to access and enjoy any time, leading to their immense popularity.

If you are trying to source the right desserts for a commercial establishment, there really is one thing to keep in mind above all else — quality is what defines the experience. Whether it is ice cream cups, gelato cups or frozen yogurt cups, ensuring that everything you stock boasts of great quality and freshness is a sure recipe for success. Apart from this, you would ideally also want to offer a large variety of flavors for customers to choose from. All this can be brought to life with the right dessert supplies, which provide the vehicle which takes these incredible desserts to the people who enjoy them so much. Finally, when it comes to ice cream shop supplies, you also should keep an eye on the costs involved. Quality is always important, but too little quality for too much cost is a scenario that is best avoided in the long term.

With these small considerations, you can successfully create a stock of desserts that can please even the most discerning customers with ease.

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