Have You Been to Any of These Wonderfully Bizarre Restaurants?

Restaurant cuisine

Sometimes the dining experience is not about the food; some places you don’t go to because of their gigantic sushi bar, fresh seafood menu, or decadent desserts. For some, it isn’t the unique restaurant cuisine that attracts eager customers, but rather the unique restaurant concept. Here are just a few examples of the strangest and cleverest restaurant themes and concepts from around the world.

Four Unique Restaurant Concepts That Really Exist

  1. Dans Le Noir
    Located in Paris, France, this dining establishment offers visitors a gourmet menu and a chance to eat entirely in the dark. The diners are not the only ones who cannot see what?s in front of them. The servers are actually blind. It is an impressive display of mastery and a unique experience. This restaurant has expanded to London, St. Petersburg, and Barcelona, and other restaurants have borrowed the concept for their own dining experience in other parts of the world.
  2. Twin Stars
    You are not seeing double. This restaurant in Moscow, Russia is staffed entirely by sets of twins. Pairs of identical twins wear identical outfits as they tend the bar, serve burgers and pizza, and spin tunes in the DJ booth.
  3. NG
    On special nights at this restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel, you can forget all of the table manners your mother ever taught you. At NG you can grab a mug, throw on a horned helmet, and sit down to eat and drink like a true barbarian. That means no silverware, no plates, and a whole lot of stuffing your face with whole meats, including roasted duck and pig. It?s a delightfully primal experience.
  4. Ninja
    You will totally forget you are in New York City when you sit down to a sushi or teriyaki dinner at this Japanese warrior-themed restaurant. Watch your back ? you never know who might be sneaking up on you in the dark alleys that lead you to your table. You may even meet a ninja magician who will entertain you with a card trick at your table in the beautifully decorated restaurant designed to look like a medieval Nippon village.

You don’t have to be a foodie to appreciate these crazy restaurant concepts. Though the food is good, the entertainment just might be a little bit better.

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