Entertain All Your Guests at Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding brunch

Wedding planning includes many details. Planning activities such as a wedding brunch should be done in advance, especially when planning them at romantic wedding places such as country club weddings. Deciding on the best places to have a wedding is just the start. When researching beautiful wedding places don’t forget a few important details.

Making sure that there is entertainment for all of your guests will ensure that everyone has a good time at the wedding reception. Things such as a golf program and banquet spaces surrounds your guests with incredible amenities while they attend your special day. Women are especially ecstatic to attend a wedding; however, men sometimes are not as enthusiastic. Keeping the men entertained while the women enjoy themselves is the key to having a successful wedding reception and ceremony.

Thinking about activities to entertain all of your guests can be somewhat trivial. You may find yourself attempting to find activities, such as a golf program for the men but 23% of professional golfers are female. This means that while attempting to entertain the men you might actually entertain the couples that attend your reception.

Instead of having a wedding rehearsal dinner, consider a wedding rehearsal brunch. This allows your guests to enjoy activities, such as golf program, before the meal then spend time together afterwards. Brunches actually began in England and it was approximately 30 years later before they caught on in the United States.

Save money with the entertainment, rehearsal and ceremony all at one place. Many times, you have the rehearsal then go eat somewhere else. The day of the wedding people are standing around waiting on the ceremony without much to do. The average budget for a wedding ceremony alone is around $28,000. Incorporate entertainment for your guests into your budget by having the reception at a special facility that can accommodate and entertain all of your guests.

When you consider your guests while planning your wedding ceremony your guests will feel more like family rather than invited individuals. Taking the time to make sure they are comfortable and entertained while attending your wedding tells them that they are appreciated and that you thought of them. According to Hudson Valley Wedding, 35% of couples prefer their wedding ceremony to be outside rather than inside. Consider attractions such as places offering a golf program to host your next wedding at, and make your guests comfortable and entertained while you celebrate your special day.

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