How Microgreens Can Make Your Meals Pop!

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Microgreens — even if you’ve never heard of them before, there’s a chance you’ve seen them or perhaps eaten them before. Microgreens are miniature vegetable greens primarily used in fine dining establishments to spice up a dish’s flavor and appearance. These little greens are smaller and even less mature than baby greens. As a result, they are often tastier and brighter, making them excellent additions to all kinds of entrees, salads, and sandwiches!

A Brief History of Microgreens.

Microgreens have been grown and used for 20-30 years. In the early stages of microgreen harvesting there were only a few varieties. Now there are several, and they are grown in many different parts of the world. Part of the reason for the increased popularity and suffusion of microgreens is the belief that they contain high nutritional value. While some studies have begun to support this theory, the claim is still largely unsubstantiated. Microgreens have been shown, however, to increase the visual appeal of a meal, as well as heighten and accent its flavor.

How to Grow Microgreens.

For those looking to learn how to grow microgreens, a better way to acquire them is to purchase them from professional gardeners who have a deep knowledge of the microgreen growing process. For microgreens to be marketable, that is, able to be sold to vendors and individuals, they must be rated on a scale from one to five. A score of five is the highest quality, whereas a score of one is the lowest. Microgreens must be reach a score of at least three to be marketable. Knowledge of this rating system and how a micro green holds up is partially why growing microgreens is best left to professionals.

Where to Find Microgreens.

As has been previously mentioned, microgreens can be purchased by gardeners who understand how to grow microgreens well. They can also be found in fine eating establishments around the world. There you might find microgreens on the side of or on top of a steak or chicken dinner, or perhaps inside a specialty sandwich in the place of lettuce. Some salads also incorporate microgreens as the main vegetable or as additional components.

Some microgreens have a sweet flavor while others are more spicy, so different microgreens are used for specific dishes. If you’re curious about trying microgreens for yourself, head over to a restaurant in your area that uses them! You might just fall in love with what these tiny but vibrant vegetable greens have to offer your tastebuds!

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