Microgreens Why Not Add Them to Your Salad?

Micro greens

Many of us enjoy a fresh salad yet sometimes, what traditionally goes on a salad just isn’t enough. Sometimes you just want that extra something to make your salad all the more better. For that, you may want to consider adding microgreens to salads.

What are microgreens? Well, a microgreen is simply a small plant that is cultivated before it can grow to its fullest. The uses for microgreens vary but, in general, microgreens are used to supplement meals such as salads and pasta. All that is done for harvesting is cutting the central stem right above the soil line, making the plant small enough to be considered “micro.” Microgreens are indeed tiny and are used to add flavor and style to dishes. Adding microgreens to salads is just one of its many uses. They are popular with salads because they add color and flavor, and are small enough to fit on top of a salad!

Adding microgreens to salads, or anything, is a relatively-new culinary practice. Microgreens first began sprouting out (no pun intended) in the 1980s and by the next decade, they became a staple in Southern California cuisine. Microgreens are unique in that they are not grown with water. Instead, they are simply planted in soil or a substitute such as peat moss. When they grow large enough, they are then cut from the roots and sold to restaurants as well as consumers. Sometimes microgreen growers will sell the plant still in the soil (usually contained in a small pot) so that customers can cut the central stem themselves. Also known as “edible flowers,” microgreens add texture to any meal and, if anything, are stunning to look at. That is why adding microgreens to salads is what you need to do to spice up your salad life.

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