A Quick Guide To At-Home Mixology

Candied flowers

Mixology– the practice of infusing traditional cocktails with fresh ingredients like fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, microgreens, and edible flowers — is sweeping across the U.S. Older and younger generations alike are heading out to bars and restaurants embracing the trend. With a little practice and close attention to detail, you can, however, become something of an amateur mixologist right in your own home.

Aspiring Mixologists: How To Get Started

Of course, the specifics are going to depend on what drink you are making — but start out with fresh (and sometimes non-traditional) ingredients. For example, consider stocking your bar or mini fridge (or your actual refrigerator and cabinets will do just fine!) with fruit slices, vegetables, edible flowers like edible lavender flowers, honey, syrup, local juices and apple ciders, cream, yogurt, and more. Use a pestle to gently crush herbs, like mint, into your drinks and bring out the most flavor. A simple trick for a little at-home mixology is to freeze some fruit juices in ice cube trays. Use these ice cubes in cocktails. That will prevent cocktails from getting watery as ice melts.

Fake It Until You Make It

Of course, there are no strict rules for entertaining guests in your home. If you haven’t quite got the basics down — and they can be very important! — you can fake it until you make it. (For example, microgreens are not the same thing as sprouts, and you want to use micogreens to spruce up any drinks or dishes!) One way to easily heighten the appearance of drinks — without doing much to alter them — is to use edible flower petals. Add a few fresh rose petals in glasses of champagne, for example. This will instantly give it a classier look for any at-home entertaining, or even for something like a wedding reception.

You may have to head out to your local cocktail bar for the real thing — but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try to recreate some of your favorite mixologist cocktails at home. More can be found here.

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