Three Variations on Arroz con Pollo That Can Give You a New Appreciation of This Classic Dish

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Many recetas de comidas that can be described as Hispanic food have taken the world by storm. Just about anywhere you go these days, you can find empanadas, flan, or tamales. Hispanic food, whether from Chile, Mexico, Spain, or elsewhere, has truly become a global cuisine. With no dish is this more evident, perhaps, than with the classic arroz con pollo.

Where Did Arroz con Pollo Come From?
While many in Puerto Rico contend that arroz con pollo is originally their creation, most historians, as the New York-based restaurant Agozar! writes, agree that the dish most likely came from Spain. When the Moors invaded the Iberian Peninsula in the eighth century, they brought saffron, coriander, and a slew of other exotic spices. When fused with Valencian rice from Spain and chicken meat, arroz con pollo was born.

Today, this classic version of chicken with rice is known all over the world; however, many industrious young cooks are taking it upon themselves to tweak the dish, giving it new life in different areas around the globe. Here are just a few of those tweaks.

Three Variations on This Classic Hispanic Food That Give It New Life

  1. Add a Splash of Your Favorite, Complimentary Brew
  2. For Food Network, one of the simplest ways to add some pizzazz to your tired recipe for arroz con pollo is to use a complimentary beer. As the source writes, a lager will pair well with the savory, earthy tones of the dish. Just substitute a quarter cup for a quarter cup of the chicken stock that usually serves as a cooking liquid.

  3. Change Your Scene with a Touch of Achiote Oil
  4. For the popular cooking website Whats 4 Eats, switching out the traditional olive oil for the Caribbean flare of achiote oil can go a long way in completely changing this dish in a tasty way. Achiote oil is made from the red berries of the achiote bush, a plant native to North America. Using the oil will give your finished dish a lovely orange-red tint and a slight, earthy flavor that accents the other ingredients nicely.

  5. Use Arroz con Pollo as a Stuffing
  6. If ever you’ve had leftover arroz con pollo, you know that the leftovers can be turned into a lot of wonderful things. The rice makes for a great breakfast dish, especially when served with a fried egg over it, for example. One of the best ways to turn this classic meal into something different is to use it as an empanada or taco filling. You’ll get all the flavors you love in an easy to handle package.

Do you like to experiment with your recetas for arroz con pollo? Share some of your unique takes on this classic dish in the comment section below! Read this website for more information.

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