Where Can You Go For a Delicious Craft Beer

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It has been one of those weeks at work that you always feared. Tight deadlines, long meetings and shits that went well past 5 p.m. It is Friday night and the only thing you want to do is find a good restaurant with an excellent selection of American craft beers. Fortunately, choosing a restaurant that serves American craft beers is closer than you think.

Pubs are drinking establishments that are fundamental to Britain, Ireland, and Australia. Traditionally, the windows of town pubs were smoked or frosted to obscure clientele from the outside. In America, these have morphed into good restaurants for dates serving popular craft beers and an assortment of eating options. The public is never shunned from an American craft beer pub. Often, these pubs are the best local spots to meet friends for a drink after work.

The British still enjoy their traditional pubs as there were 50,395 pubs in Britain during 2011. The longest pub name in England is “The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn in Stalybridge”, and is located in Greater Manchester. Today, many craft beers in the United States have found a niche serving craft beer. A craft brewery produces a limited amount of beer but differentiates themselves from larger breweries by their flavor and brewing technique.

Pubs serve full meals, usually meals that originate from Ireland or England. You can go to many pubs today and find traditional English staples such as fish and chips. Of course the American influence exists throughout most pubs as they serve entrees such as steaks, sandwiches and even seafood. Many have an array of appetizer choices including chicken wings and nachos.

There is nothing better after a hard of work than drinking delicious American craft beers at a nearby pub. These restaurants offer a wide variety of menu options, mostly based on cuisine from Ireland and England. If you want to unwind after a hard day at the office or just have a fun night, consider a restaurant that has a wide variety of American craft beers. Learn more at this link.

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