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  • Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21 — and that’s coming up sooner than you think. The next question is, of course, what will you be getting dad this year? If you are like everyone else, the answer is likely a new tie or a greeting card. “Two-thirds of shoppers (64.1%) will opt for a greeting more »

  • Microgreens — even if you’ve never heard of them before, there’s a chance you’ve seen them or perhaps eaten them before. Microgreens are miniature vegetable greens primarily used in fine dining establishments to spice up a dish’s flavor and appearance. These little greens are smaller and even less mature than baby greens. As a result, more »

  • We tend to think of snack foods as being bad for you, and that’s certainly true for a great many of them. But if you’re looking for a summer snack that won’t pack as many pounds around your waistline or otherwise load your body up with heavily processed ingredients, you need look no further than more »

  • Starting your own restaurant can be a jarring endeavor, one that might leave you feeling unsettled about your financial future. However, of all of the best food franchise opportunities, there is one industry that only seems to keep growing. The coffee franchise continues to expand, currently estimated at a net worth of 100 billion dollars. more »

  • Most people think of weddings when they think of caterers, but little do they realize that caterers can do so much more than just making the best wedding menus. Although it is true that they may often come up with the best wedding menus, their talents do reach far beyond weddings. They also are assets more »